runny science

In science  we had to deter man   witch of these 3 liquid would drip faster of  Water, Oil and  Honey and the outer that we guessed   that the water would come first and then the oil and then the honey.

so far it has been my favourite science  project

the waters time o1:19.98 oils time 01:50.37 and honeys time 03:59.59

My family is a Zoo

My family is a Zoo

My Dad is the panther that creep at night

My Mom is the cuddly bear at night

My step Dad is a tiger rich and proud

My sisters are crocs always ready to snap

I`m the Owl always ready for a surprise

Were the loving family

WARNING!!!!!! Don’t Feed the Animals

pay 5 bucks and enjoy

Our 2 Day`s at the Lake

I had so much fun out at the lake. My partner Noah and I  had the best fun. But before we went in the water we played on the grassy area. We played nappy-race. It was so fun and we played captain say`s  etc


(Day 2) Day 2 was the best day that we had at the lake. Brodie  was a bit worried the first day. but the second day Brodie was fine. he loved it a lot. and I liked the second  Day. I liked it much better then the first day because I was not as worried . the best part of the Day with Noah was when the man called Oscar. Came past in his speed boat.Rreally  fast. And  Noah and I ware behind the speed boat. It made huge waves. And the wind  was to strong so Noah could not control the sail. and I could not control the steering. And we went over the waves it was so bumpy. The water was rushing into the  boat while we ware spinning. and we went out so far. Noah and I ware so scared and then the boat cap-sized LOL.

By Jay


First Fleet

people were taken at the age of 6 to 15 even older. life would have been bad for a indigenous it`s not far what happened. the soldiers stole there berry’s and there other food. the indigenous did not know the difference between us and them they just tried to survive

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